BJ Zagorac Background
BJ Zagorac (Brett Zagorac) is a tutor and reading teacher with extensive experience in developing and implementing individual lessons for kids. With over 12 years of experience in education, he has had a notable history in helping students make progress in all core subjects.  B. J. specializes in reading education and can provide instruction for students whose needs cannot be met with the general school reading program. He closely evaluates students' needs and academic history to customize lessons for them.  In some cases, B. J. has helped students advance several grade levels.  He is very familiar with students who have special needs like ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, language deficits, and sensory problems. B. J. also helps prepare students for important exams, including NWEA MAP tests, Terra Novas, the new PARCC exams, and exams for enrollment in gifted schools and centers. He is well-versed in the Common Core Standards and knows how to implement effective methods to help students meet or exceed these standards. B. J. is a very dedicated to the teaching profession and has wonderful recommendations from all the clients he works with.